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How to disable Windows Security on Windows 10

How to prevent Windows Security from blocking your installation of KMSpico

Before installing KMS activators such as KMSpico & Microsoft Toolkit it is important to disable Windows Security (formerly Windows Defender). Failing to do do will prevent the successful installation of the KMS activator and will most likely flag it as being infected with “HackTool: Win32/AutoKMS”. This is nothing more than Microsoft attempting to prevent you from using a KMS activator to license your copy of Windows for free.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to bypass these warnings and install your KMS activator successfully. Follow this guide, and we will show you how to disable Windows Security on Windows 10.

Disable Windows Security in 8 Steps

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to disable Windows Security to install KMSpico and other activators

  1. Open Windows Security

    Click on the Start Menu and type “Windows Security” in the search box.
    Windows Security

  2. Click on “Virus and Thread Protection”

    Virus and Threat Protection

  3. Click on “Manage Settings” under Virus and threat protection settings.

    Manage Settings

  4. Disable “Real Time Protection”

    This will allow you to download, unzip and install KMSpico (or other KMS activators) without the false detection.Disable Real Time

  5. Download, Unzip and Install KMSpico (or your other KMS activator)

    You can get the latest version of KMSpico from this link. And follow our installation instructions.KMSpico Windows 10

  6. Return to the Windows Security window, and go into “Exclusions”


  7. Add a Folder Exclusion

    Exclude Folder

  8. Add the C:\Program Files\KMSpico folder to the exclusions.

    To prevent KMSpico from being removed by Windows Security in the future, add the KMSPico folder to the exclusions listKMSpico Folder

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to Disable Windows Security and add an exclusion for your activation software.


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